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Washington, DC's historic Southwest Waterfront continues to evolve, with condominiums in numerous styles and designs, representing different eras of development. The newest and most celebrated part of the large community in the SW quadrant is The Wharf. Developed by Hoffman & Associates, and Madison Marquette, the mixed-use waterfront project has quickly become one of the District s most popular destination places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. It s also an incredible area to live with new upscale condo towers overlooking the Potomac River and Washington Channel.

Condominiums of note along the mile-long stretch of waterfront property known both as The Wharf and District Wharf, include Amaris with its twisting cold-warped glass facade, VIO with its modernist interiors, and the always popular 525 Water. These three buildings represent just a sampling of what is available in an area that is one of the oldest and most transitional in Washington. The winds of change have occurred over distinctly different periods of time, with government agencies and private developers collaborating on major decades-long makeovers.

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There is perhaps no other part of the city that has seen such dramatic and wholesale redevelopment as the SW Waterfront. Located along the confluence of the Potomac River, Washington Channel, and Anacostia River, the area was first inhabited by Native Americans, and was one of the first parts of the Federal City. Shipworkers, fish mongers, and wealthy merchants lived and worked side-by-side in the late 1700s and throughout the following century. The Wheat Row townhouses were built in 1794 and are among the oldest surviving residences in Washington. The Maine Avenue Fish Market has been in continuous operation since 1805 and is now part of the redeveloped Wharf.

The construction of the I-395 in the late 1950s, along with a desire from Federal and District officials to enact largescale urban renewal, led to the destruction of blocks of housing, including detached homes, apartment buildings, and old rowhouses. Trailblazing female architect and urban planner Chloetheil Woodward Smith and other noteworthy modern architects such as Charles Goodman, Arthur Cotton Moore, and Hugh Newell Jacobsen collaborated on major housing and commercial structures. A few of the notable condo and cooperative communities from this era that still remain today include Harbour Square, River Park Mutual Homes, the Tibor Island Cooperative Home, and Town Square Towers.

The Southwest Waterfront neighborhood is located south of the I-395 and immediately west of another rapidly evolving waterfront neighborhood, Navy Yard. For all of its eras of redevelopment and stop-and-stop planning, this prime waterfront territory has now realized the long promised potential of business, commerce, and housing all coming together. Riverfront boardwalks, boat docks, floating entertainment barges, new piers, top restaurants, live music, movie theaters, and sleek condo towers merge magnificently, in one of the region s hottest new places to live.

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SW Waterfront Condos, District of Columbia FAQs

Q: Where is the Southwest Waterfront in relation to Downtown DC?

A: The SW Waterfront is immediately south of the I-395, less than a mile south of the National Mall and about a mile and a half south of Downtown DC.

Q: Is the Southwest Waterfront commuter friendly?

A: Yes, the proximity to the I-395 makes the neighborhood convenient for drivers. The Waterfront Metro Station with Green Line service adds to the ease, as does the next-door Navy Yard-Ballpark Metro. There are also many north-south streets leading into the downtown area.

Q: Are there any grocery stores in the area?

A: Safeway, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter are all in the area.

Q: Do any of the condo buildings in the Southwest Waterfront offer actual views of the water?

A: Yes, water views are available at many area condominiums, depending on which way windows are facing and what floors units are located on. You can check individual building listings for the most accurate information.

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