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Welcome to your gateway to the finest studios and pied-à-terre properties in the heart of Washington, DC. At District Partners at Compass, we specialize in connecting discerning clients with exceptional urban homes that embody the vibrant spirit of the city.

Washington, DC is more than just the nation’s capital; it's a place brimming with culture, history, and endless opportunities. Choosing a studio or pied-à-terre here places you at the epicenter of excitement, whether you're a busy professional seeking a convenient city base, a first-time homebuyer looking for a stylish yet affordable option, or someone desiring a secondary residence in this dynamic city.

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Why Choose a Studio or Pied-à-Terre in Washington, DC?

From Downtown Washington, DC to nearby Georgetown, and from Capitol Hill with its hustle and bustle to affluent Kalorama with its quiet and leafy residential streets, studio and pied-à-terre condos and cooperatives have long held a fascination as well as a practical purpose.

So what exactly is a pied-à-terre? Taken literally, it’s a French phrase for “a foot on the ground.” In more practical terms, it means a temporary or part time apartment in the city. In America, the phrase first took hold in New York City, when people who had the means to do so, would rent or purchase an apartment for overnight or weekend stays. Common reasons could range from attending a Broadway show to busy Wall Street execs who live outside the city and need a place to sleep on some weeknights.

More About Studios and Pied-à-Terres

The idea of obtaining a pied-à-terre quickly gained popularity in Washington, DC as well, including with members of congress who represent their home states and only spend about 35 weeks a year on the Hill. Does it make sense to stay in DC full time if you’re only in session three days a week, or is it better to head home and spend time with family and constituents? Pied-à-terres aren’t only for politicians, of course. There are many reasons to want the flexibility of more than one residence.

The definition of a studio dwelling is simply one that doesn’t have a dedicated bedroom. Rather, there’s a main living area that can also be used to sleep in. Studios are often popular and cost-effective choices for full time living. But for the purposes of this page and the listings on it, we are combining studios and one-bedroom residences as examples of housing options that can work equally well over short or extended periods of time. So as you peruse our available listings, keep in mind that there are lots of criteria that could impact your ultimate choice. Do you need parking? How important is the exact location? How many square feet do you need to feel comfortable, and what type of building amenities appeal the most?

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