Old Town Alexandria Waterfront Luxury Properties

Ideally located along the western banks of the Potomac River, Old Town Alexandria offers a range of real estate waterfront properties. This can mean direct and unencumbered views of the river and it can also mean being in close proximity to the water. Given that the Potomac is the only notable body of water in Old Town, this page is dedicated to condos, townhomes and single-family houses that are very close to that notable tributary, whether or not they offer direct vistas.

Old Town is the historic seat of the independent city of Alexandria, Virginia, while the Potomac River is one of the nation’s most celebrated rivers, running some 405 miles long. Old Town was once a major port, visited regularly by colonial era tall ships that would set anchor just off the coast. During an intensive archaeological investigation prior to the redevelopment and construction of the Robinson Landing condos and townhouses along the waterfront, portions of three 18th-century ships were discovered.

Here is the inventory for sale in the neighborhood:

More About Old Town Alexandria, VA Waterfront Luxury Properties

Old Town Alexandria’s whimsical charm is intrinsically linked with its history and its waterfront location. It’s a perennially popular destination place for visitors and is equally sought-after as a place to live. The historic district extends along the river and about a dozen blocks east of there, including King Street with its famed shopping and restaurants. Historic homes are part of the attraction for some prospective buyers, while others gravitate toward the amenities and status of luxury properties. Waterfront properties can be either historic or luxurious, and in some cases are both.

While the above-mentioned Robinson Landing is a prime example of history, luxury and a waterfront location coming together perfectly, the condos and townhouses themselves are new construction. The deep-landing riverfront site was once home to 18th-century and 19th-century structures including warehouses, a bakery, and a flour mill. Today, one surviving building has been incorporated into the long-awaited Robinson Landing mixed-use development which includes condos with direct views of the river, luxury townhomes, cafes, and a new esplanade.

The new Watermark boutique condominium development at 205 Strand Street gets its name from the high-water mark of the Potomac River from 1749. Today, the building’s exterior pays homage to its historic past, while the 18 luxury units within have all the modern conveniences you could possibly want. Another intriguing condominium is The Oronoco directly overlooking the Potomac River and Oronoco Bay Park. Adapted from a former office building that was stripped to its structural essence and rebuilt with a modern design from Shalom Baranes, the building offers exquisite showcase flats with private outdoor spaces and stunning views, plus amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, concierge service, and more.

To learn more about waterfront properties in Old Town, call Andre Perez at District Partners at Compass, 202-798-3600.

Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Waterfront Properties FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are Old Town Alexandria’s waterfront homes located?

A: Old Town extends along the western banks of the Potomac River, including the mouth of Hunting Creek to the south. You’ll find many of the waterfront properties situated along the coastline and between riverfront greenspaces such as Oronoco Bay Park, Founders Park, Shipyard Park, and others.

Q: Are waterfront properties in Old Town more apt to be single-family houses or condominiums?

A: Given the densely developed nature of the urban coastline, you are more apt to find condos and townhouses, along with restaurants, docks, and scenic trails. Single-family houses tend to be just off the coast, but certainly within easy strolling distance of the water and sometimes with fabulous river views.

Q: Are waterfront homes in Old Town Alexandria part of a historic district?

A: Yes, the entire waterfront is part of the “Old & Historic Alexandria District.”

Q: What is a general price range for homes and condos for sale along Old Town’s waterfront?

A: It depends on the size and location, but prices can range all the way from the mid-to-upper six figures for listings further from the water to around $5 million for the most elite coastal properties. But a more common range for luxury condos and townhouses along the river would be between $1 million to $3.5 million.

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