Old Town Alexandria is a perennially favorite destination place for visitors and an equally luring real estate marketplace for luxury home buyers. As the historic seat of the independent city of Alexandria, Virginia, Old Town is an obvious place for old and classic architectural styles. But luxury can be defined both in the older and more traditional ways, as well as upscale modernity whether inside or outside.

Luxury homes in Old Town Alexandria come in various shapes and sizes. There is certainly an emphasis on historic structures as well as newer construction that hews closely to traditional architectural styles. You’ll find lovely old brick single-family homes in the heart of Old Town with modern changes that can be obvious from the street, such as oversized windows. But more often, upscale lifestyle amenities are to be found inside antique houses, with opened-up floorplans and high-end kitchens. A home isn’t always a detached house in old urban neighborhoods. Condominiums and townhouses are also integral to the local housing market, including those adapted from warehouses, factories, store fronts, and office buildings. It’s all part of the fabric in Old Town with its whimsical charm and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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Take a walk through Old Town Alexandria and you’ll soon start to unwind common threads. Sidewalk cafes, upscale retail boutiques, art galleries, and waterfront boardwalks are all part of the attraction. The King Street Trolley offers free rides, and the gentle keening of gulls in the distance reminds one that it is a waterfront location. There is often a comforting commonality to home styles as well, with lots of brick and clapboard, attached rowhouses and their narrow standalone compatriots, and plenty of Federal, Colonial, and Victorian-style architecture.

Of course, not everything is an homage to the past, and there is much more to Old Town than what meets the eye on a walking or trolley tour. You’ll find nods to contemporary style and convenience in the luxury home market, although often with a modicum of moderation from the street. Those in charge of planning and permits strive to avoid some of the overdevelopment and commercialization that has marred the landscape of certain other old towns and cities in this country. Indeed, there is a wonderful sense of balance that keeps Old Town true to its real nature.

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Old Town Alexandria, Virginia Home FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I find a lot of new luxury home construction in Old Town?

A: It depends on how you define new luxury homes. If you’re looking for new subdivisions with significant numbers of detached single-family custom homes, the answer is no. However, you will find new luxury townhomes, newer luxury condominiums, and individual instances of remodeled houses.

Q: Are there luxury homes along the Potomac River?

A: There have been several recent residential redevelopments near the water, including high-end townhomes. However, the demand is quite high, which can result in a somewhat limited inventory.

Q: Can an old historic home in Old Town be called a luxury home?

A: Absolutely. There is no timeline on luxury, and you will find many older homes that have been renovated and remodeled, with stunning showcase interiors.

Q: What helps to define a luxury home in Old Town?

A: Luxury can be a very subjective thing. However, gourmet kitchens with upscale appliances, remodeled bathrooms with designer fixtures and high quality counters, private outdoor spaces such as yards and decks, and large and airy living areas are all aspects that can be equated with luxury. 

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