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A visitor’s first impression of Old Town Alexandria can often be of historic landmarks, quaint brick sidewalks, a scenic waterfront, and world-class dining. But you may be surprised to learn that Old Town is also one of the region’s most sought-after real estate markets for luxury condos. No, that doesn’t mean glittering glass and steel towers that blot out the sun, as in other urban centers. Instead, upscale living is often more organic to the neighborhood’s historic charm, at least to the casual observer.

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At the heart of the matter are Alexandria’s city planners and preservationists who have worked so long and diligently to keep Old Town true to its roots. The lovely old buildings so synonymous to the landscape are, after all, integral to the area’s continued appeal. It would be shortsighted after all, to tear down the very things that keep visitors coming back time and again. As a result, there is a concerted effort to preserve and protect when at all feasible.

This isn’t to say that you won’t find new construction in Old Town. In fact, you will. And yes, you can have open floor plans, gourmet kitchens, private balconies, and all the accouterments of modern luxury condominiums. There are even buildings with staffed front desks, gyms, and swimming pools. But you typically won’t find the types of behemoth buildings that taken over other waterfront locations across the country. In their place are more thoughtful and considered developments that lend to Old Town’s appeal, including a significant number of adaptive reuse projects, whether adhering to existing footprints or converting older buildings to fit today’s luxury lifestyles.

One interesting example of adaptive reuse principles is The Oronoco, a former waterfront office building that was extensively redesigned and converted to modernist flats with million dollar views. Another is the recently completed Robinson Landing, with origins dating back to 19th century warehouses. Today, the prime riverfront site has been redeveloped into luxury condos and townhouses, with an original warehouse incorporated into the ambitious mixed-use project. Another new condo development is MUSE in Old Town North, incorporating elements of the local arts scene including the new Metro Stage Theatre as well an Arts Walk.

From former factories and antique storefronts that have been converted to boutique condos, to larger upscale residential communities with all the required perks, Old Town Alexandria, VA continues to expand in a thoughtful and forward-looking manner. The character and appeal of the region is maintained and burnished, while still making room for new arrivals who’ve decided to put down roots. It’s an infinitely walkable place, with wonderful shops and restaurants, convenient public transit, and a proximity to Washington, DC.

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Old Town Alexandria, va Condos FAQs

Q: Are there a lot of luxury condo towers in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia?

A: While there are some tall buildings in the area such as Carlyle Towers and Porto Vecchio, the emphasis has been on low-rise and mid-rise developments that do not overwhelm Old Town’s historic charm.

Q: Is there Metrorail transportation available in Old Town Alexandria?

A: Yes, Old Town residents and visitors enjoy two Metro stations: King Street and Braddock Road.

Q: What kind of prices should I expect to pay for a luxury condo in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia?

A: The price depends on so many factors, from the size of the condo to the building and its location. But generally speaking, prices start in the mid-six figures and climb well into seven-figure territory.

Q: Is Old Town Alexandria, Virginia a walkable place to live?

A: Yes, from the waterfront to all the shops and restaurants along famed King Street, Old Town is a great place to wander around and explore.

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