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One of the loveliest residential neighborhoods in Washington, DC is North Cleveland Park. This quiet enclave in the Northwest quadrant is the logical extension of its sister neighborhood to the south, Cleveland Park. Each shares a common history, and they are both known for gracious homes and leafy streets. Each of the two communities also has Wisconsin Avenue NW running along its western border. This means the welcome presence of local shops and restaurants within walking distance.

North Cleveland Park isn’t far from the Maryland border. Its neighbors include Wakefield to the north, Van Ness to the east, the aforementioned Cleveland Park to the south, and Tenleytown to the West. Luxury homes for sale tend to be of the historic nature, with a lot of lovely Tudor styles with half-timbering, as well as Colonial Revivals in either brick or clapboard, and some Queen Annes. That has been some more recent construction with custom Arts and Crafts homes as well. Additionally, you’ll find some semi-detached rowhouses in the neighborhood, as well as a sprinkling of upscale condos along Wisconsin and Connecticut Avenues.

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More About North Cleveland Park, Washington, DC

As with its neighbor Cleveland Park, the neighborhood of North Cleveland Park was once part of a large late 18th century estate known as Pretty Prospects, aka Rosedale. Almost a century later, President Grover Cleveland renovated a summer home in the area, eventually leading to the renaming of the two communities. The streetcar suburbs evolved over time, but always retained their reputation for genteel charm. There are a number of embassies along North Cleveland Park’s eastern border, and there are also nearby Metro stations in surrounding neighborhoods, including Tenleytown, Van Ness, and Cleveland Park.

Melding both urban and suburban sensibilities, North Cleveland Park is a highly walkable neighborhood that is far enough from the downtown hustle and bustle to retain its quiet, residential feel, yet close enough to still feel the vibrant city connection. There’s a Whole Foods close by in Tenleytown, plus a farmers market, and some popular local restaurants and coffee shops. Put it all together and the result is a great location with lots of greenery, community spirit, and highly sought after luxury real estate.

To learn more about this beautiful neighborhood, call Andre Perez at District Partners at Compass, 202-929-3600.

North Cleveland Park, District of Columbia FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far is North Cleveland Park from downtown Washington?

A: The distance is just under four miles. You can drive downtown easily, taking either Connecticut Avenue or Massachusetts Avenue most of the way back.

Q: Are there any pubs or restaurants in the North Cleveland Park area?

A: Yes, Surfside, Cava, Nando’s PERi-PERi, and Barcelona Wine Bar on Wisconsin Avenue, as well as Stoglina Van Ness, Thai Pad, and Atomic Billiards on Connecticut Ave are all nearby.

Q: What is an approximate range of luxury real estate prices in North Cleveland Park?

A: Recent sales prices for upscale single-family homes have ranged from about $1 million to $3 million.

Q: Is North Cleveland Park a historic district?

A: North Cleveland Park does not have its own official historic district, but the southern tip of the neighborhood, including some homes on Quebec Street, Rodman Street, and Sedgwick Street are included in the next-door Cleveland Park Historic District.

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