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In Washington Metro’s ever growing and evolving residential landscape, luxury homes from renowned designers and architects are becoming more prevalent by the day. The nation’s capital along with surrounding counties and communities in Maryland and Virginia, is often associated with historic homes that can date back centuries. But it’s an area known for newer upscale properties as well. And whether it’s renovating and restoring an old Victorian back to its former glory or constructing a modern showcase, some of the top names in the business can be found guiding the process.

When using the term designers, we’re referring to both to the exterior and interiors of luxury homes. A lot of hands can go into the shaping of a property’s aesthetics, including architects, interior designers, landscape designers, builders, and developers. In some cases, design firms can employ multiple experts, each with their own disciplines, allowing for programs that can cover a range of areas including design, renovation, preservation, and planning. But there will always be renowned names associated with residential architecture and design in Washington, DC and high-profile neighborhoods in adjacent areas such as Bethesda, Maryland, Old Town Alexandria, and McLean, Virginia.

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More About Luxury Homes by Renowned Designers, Washington Metro

From exquisitely transformed antique rowhouses to angular detached luxury homes tucked into verdant greenspaces, the hands of top designers make a notable difference. The number of renowned professionals is lengthy indeed. And while this page of content is not intended as a complete or definitive list, there are certain names that crop up with frequency. Well known architects in the area include Mark McInturff, Robert Gurney, Stephen Muse, Cunningham/Quill, Gregory Wiedemann, David Jameson, the Barnes Vanze firm, and many others. Prominent interior designers include Deborah Berke who guided the makeover of Wardman Tower, Barry Dixon, Zoe Feldman, Paul Corrie, and the team of Kiera Kushland and Jessica Centella.

Does a group of names like that above, necessarily define the inventory of luxury homes by renowned designers in the Washington Metro area? Not at all. Ultimately, a luxury property makes it statement by appearance, not by words or names. It is also worth noting the region’s long history. Renowned designers from the past left indelible imprints, from modernists like Charles Goodman, Arthur Keyes, and Donald Lethbridge to long ago traditionalists like Henry Latrobe, William Thorton, and Nathan Wyeth. Time inevitably marches on, but luxury homes can last for generations.

The most acclaimed home designers and builders in the Washington Metropolitan Area include:


  • Mark McInturff
  • Robert Gurney
  • Stephen Muse
  • Cunningham/Quill
  • Gregory Wiedemann
  • David Jameson
  • Barnes Vanze firm
  • Charles Goodman (historic modernist)
  • Arthur Keyes (historic modernist)
  • Donald Lethbridge (historic modernist)
  • Henry Latrobe (historic traditionalist)
  • William Thorton (historic traditionalist)
  • Nathan Wyeth (historic traditionalist)

Interior Designers:

  • Deborah Berke (known for Wardman Tower makeover)
  • Barry Dixon
  • Zoe Feldman
  • Paul Corrie
  • Kiera Kushlan 
  • Jessica Centella 

This list is not exhaustive, but it highlights some of the most renowned names associated with residential architecture and design in Washington, DC and high-profile neighborhoods in adjacent areas such as Bethesda, Maryland, Old Town Alexandria, and McLean, Virginia.

To learn more about luxury homes by renowned designers, call Andre Perez at District Properties at Compass, 202-929-3600.

Luxury Homes by Renowned Designers, Washington Metro FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a luxury home have to be designed by someone famous in order to look good?

A: Absolutely not! Renowned designers are simply one reference point in the long and illustrious tradition of luxury homes in the region.

Q: Does it cost more to have a home designed by a top architect?

A: Top experts in any field are able to charge premium rates.

Q: Can the name of a renowned architect or designer add value to a property?

A: The mention of a prominent name can often be a valuable marketing tool.

Q: Should I expect a long wait if I wish to hire a particular designer?

A: Top designers can only work on so many homes over a period of time, and they can be particular about what projects they choose to accept.

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