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Tucked in between Glover Archbold Park and the Potomac River is the idyllic community of Foxhall, often referred to as Foxhall Village and also associated with the Foxhall Crescent subdivision. If the neighborhood feels like a slice of English countryside, there is good reason—its early developers had been inspired by Tudor architecture during a trip to England. A century after the first homes were introduced in Foxhall, the charming enclave remains much the same, a verdant oasis with a prime Washington, DC location, and luxurious brick homes with spacious floorplans and well-tended gardens.

Foxhall’s neighbors include Berkley to the north and Georgetown to the south. Berkley is also sometimes confused with Foxhall Crescent. In truth, the Foxhall Crescent community as well as the Foxhall Playground are actually within Berkley’s borders. Such are the vagaries of boundaries and historical timelines in the ever evolving federal district. But take a walk or a drive through this part of Washington’s Northwest quadrant, and neighborhood names will begin to lose significance. This is simply a beautiful place to live with impressive properties, quiet cul-de-sacs, sprawling greenspaces, embassies, and the Georgetown Reservoir which once again, defies geographical labels as it is certainly not in Georgetown.

More About Foxhall Village, Washington, DC

Foxhall Village was developed by Harry Boss and H. Glenn Phelps, and named after Henry Foxhall, owner of the Columbia Foundry circa 1801, and also a mayor of Georgetown. Foxhall’s cannon factory was located in what eventually became Glover Archbold Park. Starting in 1925, Boss and Phelps developed land that had previously belonged to Foxhall. Architect James Cooper first designed numerous brick townhouses in the Tudor style, combining red brick, off-white stucco, and dark wood half timbering. Those townhomes were soon followed by large single-family homes in similar Tudor Revival styles. Foxhall Village is now a historic district, while Foxhall Crescent was established decades later under the guidance of noted architect Arthur Cotton Moore, in the same style that influenced the earlier developer Boss when visiting Royal Crescent in Bath, England. Collectively, Foxhall Village and Foxhall Crescent are known as Foxhall, despite their differing periods of development.

More than 200 years have passed since Foxhall’s cannons helped defeat his former countrymen in the War of 1812. And, many of the homes in Foxhall Village are now nearing the century mark. Washington, DC is a much different place in the modern era, and luxury home buyers are not about to forsake their upscale trappings. While the grand brick Tudor residences look largely unchanged from the outside, the interiors have been meticulously updated over the years, from gourmet kitchens to lovely baths. Also present in the general area, especially to the north, are other architectural designs such as center-hall Colonials, and Dutch Colonials. Foxhall is one of DC’s most sought-after places to live, with lots of outdoor activities including hiking along the Capital Crescent Trail, visiting the recently renovated Hardy Recreation Center, or kayaking along the Potomac. There are several good restaurants as well as local businesses along MacArthur Boulevard, and Georgetown is right next door.

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Foxhall, District of Columbia FAQ’s

Q: How far is Foxhall from downtown Washington?

A: Foxhall Village is about 3.8 miles from downtown DC while Foxhall Crescent is roughly four miles from downtown.

Q: What is the price range for luxury real estate in Foxhall Village?

A: There can sometimes be a scarcity of active listings in Foxhall, but recent sales prices have ranged from around $1 million to $2.5 million.

Q: Are there restaurants in or very near to Foxhall?

A: Yes, there are local eateries in Foxhall such as Jetties and European Market Kitchen & Café, as well as nearby restaurants in Berkley and the Palisades. Additionally, all the great bars and restaurants in Georgetown are only about two miles south.

Q: What is the difference between Foxhall, Foxhall Crescent, and Foxhall Village?

A: Foxhall is a general name that includes the Foxhall Village Historic District, and the newer next-door community of Foxhall Crescent.

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