Compass Cares

Compass Cares GraphicIt has often been said that charity starts at home. And while compassion should not extend only to those around us, there is certainly wisdom in identifying need in our own communities. This is the idea behind Compass Cares, an ambitious program that allows Compass agents and employees to pinpoint areas of necessity in their own back yards.

Established in 2018, Compass Cares is a national community program that takes a much different approach than typical large corporate philanthropy, where huge sums often go to just a few other large institutions. As Compass CEO Robert Reffkin explained during the program’s launch, the guiding principle for Compass Cares is a local-centric approach. A portion of every closing goes into the fund, with local real estate offices then selecting where financial resources are best used on a community level.

In its first year, Compass contributed $10 million in funding along with skills-based volunteering, to local causes around the nation. The idea of a grassroots approach has paid off in a huge way. Not only is money made in communities going back to those very same places, but it also inspires an even greater participation. It’s important to remember, that this worthy activism begins with our clients. Because without home buyers and home sellers, there would be no engine driving the charitable donations.

We want to thank our clients for helping to make this program a true success story. As the Compass company works to help its customers find their places in the world, Compass Cares is empowering its agents and other employees, to support meaningful causes and programs close to home.

Through this unique philanthropy program, we're giving back to the community, one home at a time. 

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