Cathedral Heights

A serene enclave with canopies of leafy trees, Cathedral Heights can feel fall removed from Washington, DC’s urban hustle and bustle. In fact, this slender neighborhood with its lovely brick Colonial and Tudor homes is located just minutes from the downtown area. In addition to the graceful single-family homes, you will also find some townhouses as well as grand old condominiums and co-op buildings.

Cathedral Heights, DC Real Estate

Cathedral Heights Luxury Real Estate

Cathedral Heights gets its name from its proximity to the Washington National Cathedral, just to the east. Glover Archbold Park runs through the neighborhood, adding to the verdant appeal. Nearby upscale communities include Tenleytown to the north, Cleveland Park to the east, Observatory Circle to the south, and Wesley Heights to the west. Cathedral Heights a close-knit community, with large yards, walkable sideways, and a handful of restaurants and local businesses around the perimeter. You won’t have to go far to find more dining and shopping opportunities, however.

More About Cathedral Heights, Washington, DC

The land that is now Cathedral Heights was once home to farms and cattle dealers. But by the late 1800s, residential development was taking over. Large lots of land were being subdivided into smaller parcels, not only in Cathedral Heights but in all the surrounding communities. The earliest residential properties were country houses and large villas, followed by a busy period of construction that saw classic home styles with either brick, stone, or clapboard exteriors.

While many of the properties for sale in Cathedral Heights are gracious homes with lovely, manicured lawns, there are also early 20th century apartment buildings that eventually converted to either condominium or cooperative ownership, such as Westchester, the Warrick, Alban Tower, and the Idaho. But for the most part, this is a low-key oasis in the heart of Washington, DC’s northwest quadrant. There are a number of nearby embassies, schools, and churches as well. As intriguing as the neighborhood is for prospective home shoppers, however, the active inventory can be limited.

To learn more about homes for sale in Cathedral Heights and surrounding communities, please call Andre Perez at District Partners at Compass, 202-400-3040.

Cathedral Heights District of Columbia FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Washington National Cathedral within the Cathedral Heights neighborhood?

A: The historic Cathedral stands at the eastern edge of the Cathedral Heights neighborhood, but it really exists as its own large property and doesn’t officially belong to a specific neighborhood.

Q: Is there a Metro station in Cathedral Heights?

A: No. There was a Cathedral Heights Metro station in the television series House of Cards. But it was fictional. The nearest Metro is next-door Tenleytown.

Q: How far is it from Cathedral Heights to the White House?

A: The distance is roughly 3.5 miles.

Q: Is American University anywhere near Cathedral Heights?

A: Yes, it is right next-door, on the other side of Nebraska Avenue which forms the northwestern boundary of the Cathedral Heights neighborhood.

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