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Few neighborhoods in Washington, DC are more exciting and vibrant than Adams Morgan. Long associated with food, culture, and entertainment, the trendy community is often one of the first stops for real estate shoppers. And while colorful rowhouses are the backbone of the housing market, luxury condominiums are also a significant target. From repurposed commercial buildings to modern lofts, the condo market is as diverse as the hipster neighborhood itself.

Located in the District’s Northwest quadrant, Adams Morgan is flanked by other popular neighborhoods including Kalorama, Dupont Circle, Columbia Heights, and Mount Pleasant. Exciting 18th Street forms the cultural spine of the community, offering a wonderfully varied restaurant row as well as live music, vintage thrift stores, eclectic art galleries, yoga studios, and indie bookstores. Adams Morgan is as fun as it sounds, and its buzzworthy reputation goes hand in hand with condominium residents who enjoy being close to all the action.

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More About Adams Morgan Luxury Condos, Washington, DC

There is an unmistakably authentic feel about Adams Morgan and it’s not the kind of place that’s known for glittering sky-high luxury condo towers. A portion of the neighborhood is dedicated to the Washington Heights Historic District, with the rest of the area largely comprised of older buildings with both style and character. Most of the condominiums are former low-rise apartment buildings or converted commercial spaces.

Even more recently constructed buildings like the 18-unit Eden Condominiums, designed by Bonstra Harsesign Architects with a modernist flair, are boutique in nature. The Lofts at Adams Morgan, Kalorama Lofts, WY18, and Delancey Lofts are other condominiums that offer a brand of luxury in keeping with the neighborhood’s funky-but-chic vibe.

Adams Morgan wasn’t always known as such. The area was originally home to four older neighborhoods: Washington Heights, Meridian Hill, Lanier Heights, and Kalorama Triangle.  When the all-white John Quincy Adams Elementary School and all-black Thomas P. Morgan Elementary School desegregated in the 1950s, the newly redrawn neighborhood boundaries became known as Adams Morgan. The area went through further changes in the 1970s and 1980s when a new era of dance clubs and restaurants kickstarted an extended period of revitalization, including new home buyers eager to snap up bargain prices.

Today, Adams Morgan is one of Washington’s best known neighborhoods, imbued with a creative spirit and vitality that is emblematic of its groundbreaking roots. From bodegas and bakeries to nightclubs and refreshingly original boutique luxury condos, the community offers a fun and walk-friendly lifestyle experience.

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Adams Morgan Condos, DC FAQs

Q: Where would I find most of the popular restaurants in Adams Morgan?

A: While there are good places to eat in many parts of the neighborhood, 18th Street and its various side streets is one of Washington’s best known restaurant rows.

Q: Does Adams Morgan have its own Metrorail station?

A: The Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan Metro station is across the Taft Bridge, on Connecticut Avenue. Other nearby stations are in Columbia Heights and Dupont Circle.

Q: How far is it from Adams Morgan to downtown Washington?

A: Depending on your exact starting and stopping points, the distance is only about a mile and a half.

Q: Is the Kalorama Lofts condo development in Kalorama or Adams Morgan?

A: Built in 2005, the popular Kalorama Lofts condominium with its modernist look, is located at 1700 Kalorama Road NW, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood.

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